What IS Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence uses emotions to help solve challenges and live a more meaningful life. Unlike EQ, EI is an ability that can be measured objectively. It is an intelligence that uses the head and heart to inform effective decisions, making it one of the most desired skills in effective leadership.

What IS Appreciative Inquiry?

Traditional business models tend to focus on what is broken and problem solving. Countless meetings focusing on what isn’t wanted, rather than what is, leads to analysis paralysis and leaves the team feeling defeated and unmotivated. AI offers a new approach to problem solving that focuses on the strengths of the organization, its people and others.

Need a Blueprint?

Combining the ability based approach of emotional intelligence and the aspirational approach of appreciative inquiry, LTR Leadership offers a strategic framework to create positive work cultures to lead change. Trust is the building block of leadership and when EI and AI are used together, it forms the formula for success.


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Ready for an AI Approach?

Before we partner together, explore these questions and decide if this approach is right for you:

What is the work culture I want to create to achieve goals?
How do I want to motivate and inspire others?
How am I building trust and collaboration throughout my organization?
How am I empowering my team to enable them to act?
What is the organization doing right?
What are the organization’s ideals and goals?
What are the employees’ dreams and future plans?
How can we have more “best days”?
What do I want my legacy to be?
What are my aspirational goals?
How can my organization do good in the world?

YES! How Do I Work With You?

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle 

- Albert Einstein